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The commission for each lot traded by the client is 1.5 EUR, in case of sale – 15% of the hammer price, if the price exceeds 15 EUR. + 5% to the Copyright and Communication Consulting Agency (AKKA/LAA), if the work is subject to copyright law (applies to paintings).

In the case of a hammer price up to 15 EUR, the auction house commission is not payable.

An invoice for the lots submitted will be generated automatically and must be paid before the lot is offered in the auction.

The items submitted by the client must be brought to the auction exhibition at Krasta street 68A for the duration of the auction.

The client must affix a lot sticker with the starting price and the article number to each item.

If the item has defects, they must be mentioned in the description and must be visible on the photos, the items must be clean.

The submitted lots with assigned article numbers appear in the “Submitted lots” section of the profile.

If the client cannot deliver the lot to the exhibition "large-size items" for the duration of the exhibition, he must write in the commentaries, "The item cannot be viewed at the exhibition", in which case the items must be delivered to the Auction House only after the fact of sale.