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 Users manual

Online auction


Auction which takes place for a specific time, which is shown next to each specific auction and lasts for several days, during which clients are able to place bids for chosen art pieces.

Auction ends at a specific date and time, which is continuously shown when auction catalog is viewed.

To make the auction fair, bidding will be increased by 5 minutes, in case, during the last 5 minutes the auction leader will change.

When the leader changes and your bid has been outbided, an informative e-mail is sent out.


To participate in auction you need to

1. Sign up

•         Choose the button “Sign in”, which is placed on home page right upper corner

•         Choose an option “Sign up as a new user”, press the button “Continue” and carefully fill in all the fields

•         Wait for systems administrator to send a confirmation e-mail

•         Log in the system using the button “Log in”, which is placed on homepages right upper corner

 2. Take a look on offered auction lots

•         Choose section AUCTIONS

•         After choosing the auction, system will automatically offer you to accept the terms and conditions

•         Accept the terms and conditions

•         Take a look on offered auction lots. To make the search for art pieces easier use the categories available on homepages left side as well as the filters placed on the right side.

•         Placed bets or auction lots interesting for you can be saved into section “My selection”, and you can view and place a bet for them later

3. Biding

•         In the bidding window enter the starting price or the maximum amount you're willing to offer

•         In the pop up window approve, that you would like to place a bet and it will be accepted


•         Auction lots, for which you had placed a bet, will be automatically saved into “My selection” section, where it is easy to follow the auction process

•         Auction lots having the highest bet made by you, will be marked with a green sign

•         Auction lots having the highest bet made by someone else, will be marked with a red sign

•         During the whole auction process you are allowed to make new bets or increase the existing ones

•         If you will be outbided, system will send you and informative e-mail, so you can increase your bid

•         Bidding Time will be extended to 10 minutes if the bidding will be conducted in the last 10 minutes, or if during the last 10 minutes leader will change.

4. End of the auction

•         After the end of the auction, you will receive an e-mail containing an invoice for the auction lots won by you

•         In the invoice to the hammer price the auction houses fee of 15% will be added

•         You can pay for the auction lots by cash, credit or debit card or by transaction

•         Auction lots can be picked up at our shop, or in case of previous arrangements, we will delived them to your address

•         In the section “My selection” you will be able to see auction lots having your bids